So here goes to our first blog. Firstly we want to introduce ourselves and explain what it is we actually do.

I’m pete and I’m doing this with my son & step-son, Finley and William, who are both 7.  We live in Cheshire, United Kingdom.

Our instagram is Lego_lads_20

The 2 lads

I bought my first camera just over 2 months ago and have been self learning a few things about photography itself. 
As most kids do, william and finley both love playing with lego. They spend countless hours building sets and playing with the little figures..
That’s how this all started…
William had built something and had asked me to take a picture.. at first our pictures were poor but within just a matter of days we were getting to standard we thought they were OK.
Then the idea of putting them on instagram came.. I wasn’t aware that there were so many other people in the lego photography community..
We set up an account and away we went, taking and uploading daily photos.. everyday we got more and more followers, likes and comments..

Some of Junes posts

Two months down the line and here we are. Over 1000 followers.  We have made so many lovly connections with people all around the world.. we belive lego is a way to not only have alot of fun but to bring people together.. 

Myself and the lads love doing this and also we are learning as we go more and more about lighting, settings and everything that comes with photography..

Now we have decided to start this blog. We hopefully will be writing something at least once a week so please, please , please follow us on our little fun lego journey.

Any suggestions, comments or likes are greatly appreciated.

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